Honoring Michael Monsoor’s Valor Date, 29 September 2017

September 29th, 2017 marked the 11th anniversary of Michael Monsoor’s valor date.  The day he gave all for his country, for his brothers in arms, for all of us.  From Maine to California, Sailors from DDG 1001 came together to honor his memory.

In Maine, the team commemorated Mikey by taking turns carrying an 85-lb weight vest – close to what he carried every day – to the Mount Battie summit.

In San Diego, the team worked tirelessly to continue preservation work at the Michael Monsoor VFW Post 2082 in Lemon Grove. 

In California, the team worked together to clear massive amounts of invasive aquatic vegetation from the Boulder Oaks County Preserve in Ramona.

Mikey, we hold you and your family in our hearts and thoughts every day, but especially on this day – 11 years after you made the ultimate sacrifice. You continue to inspire us to #neverquit.