Current Status (as of January 10, 2019):

  • Invitatations: All requests for invitations (Donors, Website requests & crew guests) have been submitted to the USN.
  • Invitations: MAILED VIA US MAIL.  
  • Tickets:  Have started mailing on 10 January for those who  Had a RSVP (in accordance with invitation instructions) received by US Navy 

Commissioning Ceremony — Invitation mailings are a two step process.

  • Invitations have been mailed via US Mail to the address that was provided with the request/donation. These envelopes include an invitation, information on the ceremony, and a RSVP Card.  YOU MUST RETURN THE RSVP CARD via Mail OR RSVP VIA EMAIL at the address provided.  Ensure you indicate how many tickets you would like to receive.
  • Once the US NAVY receives your RSVP, they will schedule you for a second mailing.  This second mailing will include Commissioning Ceremony Tickets, General Information, Parking Information and Security/Safety Information.  Ticket mailings started on 10 January for RSVP’d invitations.  
  • Questions on Ceremony Tickets or RSVP status?   Call US Navy team at 228-935-3365


Reception invitations to the Friday Chairman’s Reception and the Commissioning VIP Breakfast are distributed on a limited basis to Distinguished Guests, Crewmembers, and select Donors (based on Donation Category).

For Donors whose donation level had invitations to these events: An email has been sent with information on how to RSVP to the breakfast and the Friday Chairman’s reception.

For other VIPs: Emails will be sent in Mid January to those who have RSVP’d for the actual commissioning ceremony.  Information on how to RSVP for the breakfast and friday reception will be included in the email.

A hard copy invitation to the breakfast and/or Friday Chairman’s reception MAY also accompany your tickets.  RSVP is required for both the breakfast and the Friday Chairman’s reception!!!  These are separate events from the actual commissioning ceremony, so separate RSVPs are required.